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Commercial & Residential Lawn Care

Lawn care specialist applying a lawn treatment

Since founded in 1993, our lawn care programs have been strategically designed for Central Florida landscapes. Our bi-monthly lawn care program utilizes custom-blended and slow-release golf course quality fertilizers during the appropriate seasons. We supplement with fast-release fertilizer and iron treatments to maintain that deeper green pigment our customers love.

With struggles like irrigation restrictions and fertilizer “blackout” periods, a beautiful lawn must be achieved through a partnership between our team and the homeowner. Homeowners see their lawns on a daily basis and can make us aware of any problems that arise between visits. Our specialties also include irrigation repair and aquatic weed control.

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Potassium is applied through our regular applications to keep turf remaining strong and drought-tolerant by promoting a deep root system. Broadleaf weed control is provided during the spring and fall seasons to prevent invasion. Pre-emergent crabgrass control is offered in the spring and sedge control is provided as needed.

Our business has been completely family-owned and operated since the beginning. We understand the significance of maintaining lawn safety for your family or employees. This is why we work directly with customers to complete a thorough onsite inspection and develop a lawn care program to meet the individual needs of your home or business. The health and quality of your lawn is our first priority. We provide commercial and residential lawn care throughout Central Florida and the surrounding areas.

If noticing changes or damage to your lawn, please notify our team immediately and a technician will be dispatched as soon as possible. We guarantee free re-treatment for controllable weeds, insects, and pigment. Contact us today for a lawn analysis and estimate or obtain an online quote via e-mail. Our service areas include:

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