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Lake & Pond Weed Treatments

Gloved hand holding a test tube near the surface of a pond

We provide full-service Orlando aquatic weed control programs for year-round weed and algae control. We also offer regular inspections and preventative treatments. Aquatic herbicides are an effective solution for all categories of weeds and bodies of water, both natural and artificial. Aquatic weeds and algae can have several negative consequences for home and business owners, including:

  • Interference with recreational activities like boating or fishing
  • Oxygen depletion, leading to the death of fish & other aquatic life
  • Lessens the physical appearance of bodies of water
  • Damage to the ecosystem & animal life
  • Promote the breeding of mosquitoes & other harmful pests
  • Alter the taste or smell of water
  • Disrupt water flow & cause blockages

All aquatic bodies are susceptible to weeds, algae, and other unwanted vegetation. The experts at Florida’s Finest can help to identify and eradicate even the most stubborn of aquatic weeds. Schedule an inspection with our team by calling the office during business hours or submitting a form request.

Ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers is always our first priority. That’s why we use only the highest quality of products and the most experienced, reliable technicians. We offer our commercial and residential services throughout the following areas:

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